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back to Vincent Street Not only are there interesting churches in Beverley, but the historic church graveyards contain headstones of pioneer families which give a glimpse of the difficult times that early settlers faced.


St Mary's Church
St Mary's Anglican Church and Rectory

The Rectory, which is next to the church, was completed in 1890 and St Mary's was consecrated two years later.

Oasis Church
Methodist Church

Built in 1907 in the Federation Gothic stye on the site of an earlier 1893 Church, this church is in Hunt Road near the geodesic dome. It is still used as a place of worship.


Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Builit in 1933 in the inter-war Gothic style, this church is on the east side of the Avon River. You will also see the old Convent next door, now a private residence.

wall of first catholic church
First Catholic Church

Located in Queen Street, this building was the original Catholic Church. It has seen many uses since it was used as a church but traces of the arched windows are still evident.


St Paul's
St Paul's Edwards Crossing

Built in 1859, the bricks were made at the river and the roof was originally made of wood shingles. It is thought that it may have been constructed by convicts. Consecrated in 1862, this church stands near the original site of the township of Beverley by the Avon River on the Top Beverley Road to York.

St John's in the Wilderness
St John's in the Wilderness

This picturesque church 27 kilometres west of Beverley near the settlement of Dale River on the Westdale Road was bulit in 1895. Both the church and adjacent Hall are built in the Victorian Rustic style.

Church Contacts

Church Contact
Anglican Parish Beverley/Brookton
9646 1112
Beverley Christian Community Fellowship 9646 0546
Beverley Church of Christ 9646 1072
Beverley Friends Meeting (Quakers) 9646 0575
Beverley Home Church 9646 0546
Catholic Church Sacred Heart 9646 1176
Oasis Church 9646 0282
St John in the Wilderness Anglican Church 9647 2055
St Mary Anglican Church 9646 1112
The Church of United Spiritualism 9646 0470
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 9646 0575

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