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There is a myriad of seasonal activities to be seen on Avondale. In winter the seeding progams are in full swing, in spring there is hay making, and in summer you will see the grain harvest.

Avondale is a good example of sustainable agriculture in action. Trees are being planted according to a catchment plan to reduce the ground water table and provide “highways” for native fauna, creek lines are being stablised, remnant vegetation is being protected, drainage and water collection has been thoughtfully designed to minimise erosion and where possible high water using cereal and legume varieties are included in the crop rotations.

To see how ploughing, seeding and harvesting were done in the old days, make sure you come to Avondale for the Clydesdale and Vintage Day in June and the Harvest Festival in November. These Special Events are a great chance to see the old tractors and vintage farm machinery in action.

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Clydesdales at Avondale


  Special Events  

Clydesdales ploughing

See how these huge Clydesdale horses were used to work the farmland when the wheatbelt was originally settled by Europeans.

The Clydedale and Vintage Day, and the Harvest Festival are a wonderful chance to see how things were done in the early days. You'll be able to see old tractors and threshers , one of the earliest combine-harvesters, learn about augers and see how wheatbags were sewn, watch Clydesdales being harnessed and admire the skill of their handlers, and much, much more.


Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival threshing




  Information Sheets  

shearing machine

Do you know what this is? Is it a hay baler? Or a printing machine? No, it's a robotic shearing machine! You can see it and find out more at the Avondale Agricultural Machinery Museum.

Avondale provides a range of education programs designed for primary to secondary students. These worksheets in pdf format can be downloaded before a visit to Avondale.

The Avon Ascent: Primary Teachers' Notes (3 pages)
The Avon Ascent Secondary Teachers' Notes (2 pages)

Avondale Discovery Farm: Primary Worksheets (15 pages)
Avondale Discovery Farm: Secondary Worksheets (15 pages)

Valuable information can also be found for farmers, students and teachers at
The Department of Agriculture Resources for Schools web pages.


This is used to extract honey by spinning - the centrifugal force spins the honey out of the comb.

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